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hello! Thanks for taking interest in ordering a utility knife!

an order of one utility knife contains:

  • 1 random dual color, two part 3D FDM printed utility knife holder - printed and hand checked for accuracy.
  • 1 oiled Tajima V-REX Utility Blade
  • 1 keyring
  • some stickers
  • all packaged in a funky ziplock baggy! (additionally packaged for shipping)


I print, check and assemble all knives myself.

Feel free to place multiple knives in one order! You will get a random color combination out of roughly 25 different filaments, which makes for about 300 possible outcomes.

files are available for download (for free) on if you have access to a printer!

Instructions for replacing or flipping the blade and proper use on use can be found via or on my instagram!


Thank you for your trust, be careful, knives are sharp and not to be played with! :'-)

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